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Take a look at our list of services we are ready to provide for you.  We can help you with much more than just construction!

At FGC we want to help you out the whole way. This is why we provide additional services such as project management, administration, and accounting so that you don't have to worry about a thing!

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“At Florida Gold, we strive to make each project live up to the Gold Standard!”

Nothing is too big or too small. We will make sure your project comes to fruition just as you imagined. 

 Our Services...



Custom Homes

Spec Homes

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Commercial Construction: New & Remodels


Property "Flipping"

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Metal or Wood


Block work to tie beam

Rebar and Concrete Work

Construction Administration

& Project Management

Windows & Doors

Interior & Exterior

Design Services

Home design

Home Remodeling

Kitchen/Bath Remodeling

Repairs and Demo Work

Screen Enclosures

Pool Cages

Exterior Finishes

Stucco Finishes

Brick Facades

Site Services:



Site Preparation


Decorative Walls

Septic Tanks/Wells

Permitting Services

Document Assistance



Artboard 3

Drywall and Interior Finishes

Truss Work and Interior Cathedral Framing Work


Blown-in or Standard


Exterior Wall Polystyrene


New or Repair

Electrical, A/C and Plumbing, Water Systems on New construction and/or Remodels only.

Site Preparation

Concrete Slabs

Tiling and Flooring

Interior Carpentry:

Crown Moulding

Baseboard Moulding

Gutter Systems




Other Services:

Shared Secretarial & Bookkeeping Services for your business